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Use your points towards any future service, or vehicle purchase!

Attrell Toyota is proud to bring you our loyalty program – Attrell Rewards. You can now earn points every time you spend money towards service or parts. It's free and easy to join, simply give us your email address the next time you service your vehicle.


Earn 5% back of what you spend in our Service Department.


Earn 5% back of what you spend on Parts.

$100 Referral

$100 in points for referring a friend who purchases a new vehicle.


Earn $10 in points just for activating your membership. Activate Now

Redeem your points anywhere

There's no limit to the amount you can save!

Redeem your points as money off your service ticket.

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Points may also be redeemed as money off your parts purchase.

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Why buy a car when you can earn it? Use your points as money off a vehicle purchase.

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For general inquiries about Attrell Rewards, please send us a message or call us directly at 844-634-7282.

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